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The Origin Of The Babymoon

The original meaning around a babymoon was talking about the time that parents spend bonding with their baby. Where the father takes some time off to be with his partner and newborn baby, but more recently the marketing people of the world have worked out that this doesn’t make them any money and tweaked the focus to be a vacation taken by expecting couples usually in the third trimester. Supposedly this change has come as a result of couples desire to enjoy a final holiday together and indulge while you can, before the sleepless nights and all things baby come along and control their lives! I can see the point of that final vacation spent together, where it is just the two of you. Having a child now, it is true our holidays are quite different, but with the word babymoon coming from the term honeymoon it really just sounds like something else expensive to add into the long list of must have pre-baby items. The new version of the babymoon just seems like societies way to turn something beautiful and rewarding like having a baby into another avenue to make a quick buck and don’t even get me started on a ‘push present’, I remember before my daughter was born someone asked me what I was getting as a push present, having no idea what they were talking about but not wanting to look like an idiot I just said “I hadn’t decided yet and should probably get onto it” and then quickly Googled push present next time I was alone. Are you serious? giving a mother a present for having a baby. Having seen child birth it certainly is harder than anything I have ever done in my life but honestly giving a women a present because they had to go thru labour, I see this as a total insult to the baby, that child is the greatest present anyone could ever get. What other ‘moons’ can we come up with… I’m thinking we could look at popularising the divorcemoon, so when you have gone broke from paying for all your honeymoons, babymoons and push presents and she leaves you for someone with more money you can pay for the new couple to go on a lovely holiday as their divorcemoon (I guess there is already a divorcemoon, it’s called not having a prenup).

Check Your Passport Before Traveling

It is possible I am just bitter considering our babymoon to Fiji didn’t exactly go to plan. Arriving at the airport I only had three months left on my passport and apparently that is not enough to get on the flight you need six months minimum left on you passport to fly from Sydney to Fiji for a 5 day holiday. Not exactly an accurate expiry date then as far as I’m concerned but that is probably worthy of another rant some other time. So she gets on the plane without me and I rush off to get an emergency passport in the city so I can hopefully join her the following day. 6hrs and a little over $400 later I have a new passport and have a seat on the next flight out early the next day. I arrive to rain which doesn’t let up for the whole trip, all tours and expeditions from the resort are cancelled during our stay due to weather and then we come back to Sydney. We had a massive resident gecko the size of my leg living on our roof for the whole time, which left me a little bit uneasy that I was going to wake up spooning it not my wife, but I guess at least I could sleep knowing a Gecko that big was obviously very good at catching spiders. So our babymoon was it more relaxing than being at work? Absolutely. Good holiday? No. Worth it? Debatable.

Pregnancy Travel Restrictions

Advice regarding a babymoon, is for women with low risk pregnancies wanting to fly somewhere for their holiday then they travel in the second trimester, and not to fly beyond the 36 week mark. Preferably taking a short car journey is safer (and cheaper) than flying and remember if you are choosing to babymoon overseas or even considering flying domestically that airlines may have their own restrictions on allowance regarding pregnant passengers flying beyond a certain stage of their pregnancy, so it is advisable you check with your specific carrier before booking.

NOTE: The information given here on “Babymoon Peer Pressure : An Extra Baby Related Expense” is meant as a guide only and does not replace professional medical advice and information.


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